For hotels

Get an easy access to the travel industry market. You have only a contractual partner. Pass real availability, no quotas and the actual, fully customizable room rates to the tour operators. As a result, you keep full control at any time on your hotel. You develop new audiences and gain more independence to other portals. With the large number of points of sale (online & travel agency), your offer is far-reaching and is sold in connection with package deals, moreover, actively.

For tour operators

Passing the offers via OTDS, EDF, etc. allows easy integration in existing software systems. Additional availability to existing quotas and the addition of new, interesting individual hotels, complement the product portfolio. The "last available room" and the "best available price" increase the ability to compete with online booking portals and can create quotes, even if existing quotas have been exhausted. Hotel Consolidator reduces your administrative burden through the acquisition of the technical connection and the transfer of all payments to a minimum.

For travel agencies

The presentation of new offers and availability (Hotel only) for your travel agency system offers you a real alternative to the dominant online portals. This allows you to extend your advice. You will get access to real market rates, therefore, compared to the better FIT rates, higher earning potential. The reservation of the offer, as also the complete billing takes place in your usual system environment.

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